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6 things that you miss when you do not hire a wedding planner

1 FOCUS- This is our full time job and we have experience in all things weddings, events and hospitality.

2 EXPERIENCE- You benefit from our lessons learned and experiences curating Exquisite Events.

3 TIME & MONEY- You benefit from our network of vendors saving you time & money.

4 SUPPORT: We advocate for your best interest and are vendor and venue agnostic; we are an independant 3rd party working for you.

5 DIVERSITY- We bring diverse experience, having worked with many venues. Even with a venue coordinator we often work in tandem; you will benefit from a more boutique experience, especially in the weeks and months prior to your EXQUISITE EVENT.

6 CONSISTENCY- Your venue staff may likely change over time, make sure that you are choosing the venue for the venue’s sake. Having a wedding planner will maintain consistency throughout your process.

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